Petitions Currently in Circulation

Instruction: Collecting Legal, Valid Signatures

Thank you! Petitioning is a great way to get involved in the political process, be heard, and make change  without running for office. We know talking politics with friends, family and the neighbors isn’t always the easiest. To ensure every signature you receive is accepted by the State of Idaho, we have put together a short list of instructions to ensure your petitions are turned in 100% valid!

01 You must be 18 to petition. The State of Idaho requires those who are collecting signatures, also known as petitioners, are 18 years of age and registered to vote.

02 Registered voters only! For your petitions to be valid, signatures received must be from registered voters. Not registered to vote? You can get registered online, now from your smart phone! Have your signer registered from their smartphone at – Voter Registration and grab their signature when they are finished.

03 One county per petition sheet. You will want to ask your signer which county they are registered to vote in. To be accepted by the State of Idaho, each petition sheet must only have signatures from residents located in the same county. Example: If your voter is registered in Ada County, they will sign a petition sheet designated to Ada County residents. Not sure what to say? Check out some of our scripts here.

04 Legal and legible names and addresses. While signatures are unique, ensure yours are valid by having signers print their legally registered, voting name, legibly. The address they give on the petition must also be their registered voting address. Information collected on petitions is only shared with the Secretary of State of Idaho, and is never used or shared for marketing purposes.

05 Get the date right! Have your signers use the full, accurate date, including the year. You would be surprised how many signatures get invalidated because the date was not written with the year!

06 Don’t sign your own petition. Unfortunately, you cannot sign your own petition. You can either sign a friend’s petition, or you can contact the Green Party of Idaho to get in contact with another local petitioner. 

07 Notary Public validation required. Once you have filled your petition with registered voters from the same county, you will need to have your petition validated in the presence of a Notary Public. This is to verify via affidavit that you collected these signatures legally and knowingly, and did not fabricate any signatures. You can find a Notary Public at your credit union, bank, library, or at select UPS Store locations. A $5 stamp fee is required by the State of Idaho and may be charged by the Notary. Please contact the Green Party of Idaho for county leadership facilitating free notary services for petitioners.

08 Mail validated petitions to Green Party of Idaho. You did it! The hard part is over! One last step, mail it to our State Petition Coordinator: Green Party of Idaho, C/O Joseph Evans – State Petition Coordinator, PO Box 853, Boise, ID 83701-0853

09 Still confused? Here is a visual example of an accurate petition and some scripts to help you collect valid petitions.